Saturday, February 21, 2009

Travel accommodation article: Types of Hotel Room

Hotels provide private serviced rooms for guests/travelers and range from very basic style to luxurious accommodation.

Types of Hotel Room
  • Single rooms, for single travelers.
  • Double rooms, for two travelers or couple who sleeping in the same bed.
  • Twin rooms, for two travelers but separate single beds.
  • Triple rooms, three separate bed or a double bed plus a single bed.
  • Quads rooms, designed for 4 people.
  • Suites, complete apartments with multiple rooms intended for long stays — or just people with money to burn.
These are the basic types of hotel room, and only one rule are running on "the more you pay, the larger your room becomes."

Kuala Lumpur Hilton is one of the business-oriented hotels who offer an executive level dubbing even its cheapest rooms as "Deluxe" and the next category up being "Executive".

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