Friday, March 27, 2009

Amanjena - Marrakech, Morocco

First Amanresort on the African continent. Amanjena hold 32 pavilions, six, two-storey maisons and largest accommodation, Al-Hamra Maison are set within an oasis of palms and mature olive trees. romantic luxury hotel's rose-blush walls mirror Marrakech, known in Arabic as Al Medina al-Hamra. The Amanjena's design emulates the old Moorish pise buildings, as well as the Berber villages that laid to the High Atlas Mountains. Marrakech was brought to radiant life by the brilliance of 11th-century Almoravid irrigation. Water is no less the unifying element of the said romantic luxury hotel resort, which has as its centrepiece, a large bassin, traditionally a holding pool to collect water for irrigation. The said romantic luxury hotel's pavilions and maisons extend from the bassin, fanning out in two directions, separated by reflecting pools in a landscape of lawns and vines, emerald-clay roofs, marble fountains and glittering hand-cut, glazed tiles.

All of the Amanjena's 32 air-conditioned pavilions include a bedroom-living room and spacious bathroom and dressing area. The Amanjena living area consists of a high, domed ceiling, a king-size platform bed and an open fireplace. Brass lanterns and Berber carpets discreetly reinforce the finest Moroccan theme. Furnishings include a daybed with an accompanying table and chair. The hotel suites have a mini-bar, a CD player and a TV/DVD, while green Moroccan marble and a soaking tub in a garden setting highlight the bathroom. Each Amanjena pavilion has its own private courtyard along with a pillared minzah and a fountain. Romantic luxury hotel's six two-storey maisons rise seven metres from floor to ceiling in a variation of the Moroccan townhouse, packed with trines of second-floor windows looking inward, as if to a garden courtyard. The living area, situated on the main floor, features an arc-cut fireplace, a zellij wall fountain and a small bathroom.

The travelers bedroom, with queen-size bed, bathroom, double change areas and separate courtyard entrance, situated on the entry level. Upstairs, the bathroom is fully defined by marble columns, domed shower, toilet rooms and a pillared, green-marble tub. The bedroom comes with a king-size bed and divan. The romantic luxury hotels maisons also offer a private six-metre swimming pool, a garden and minzah.

With a convenient location at the edge of Marrakech, the said romantic luxury hotel provides the ideal base for further exploration of Marrakech and beyond. The city itself, with its gardens, souks, art and culture, is just seven kilometres away and the lovely resort looks out onto the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, the highest range in North Africa. Carefully constructed private travel tours and treks, taking in local highlights, are easily arranged deals.

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