Friday, March 20, 2009

La Casa Que Canta — Playa La Ropa, Mexico

La Casa Que Canta is a unique Mexican architectural concept, perched on a cliff surrounded by the Sea of Zihuatanejo Bay, with a magnificent picturesque view. The Exclusive Romantic Luxury Hotel Resort offers ten pool suites, eleven grand suites, three terrace suites facing the ocean, all inspired by the beauty of Mexican Art. La Casa Que Canta features two of the most elegant swimming pools found anywhere in the world.

The Freshwater Infinity Pool is situated on a promontory overlooking Zihuatanejo Bay and seems to overflow directly into the water below. This luxury romantic hotel appeared in the movie "When A Man Loves A Woman." La Casa Que Canta offers fresh water and ocean-filled swimming Pools. Nearby, travelers may also enjoy the watersports, tennis, 18-hole golf course, and deep-sea fishing. The refined cusine, superb views and impeccable service of the restaurant, will entice you to return every now and then. Privacy, elegance, and hospitalty make your stay a memorable experience.

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